CARRIAGE HOUSE CAPITAL’S expertise and Wall Street contacts cover every phase
of public and private companies.
We can assist in structuring your funding,
going public through various methods and arranging the funds to do so.

Our associates include, attorneys, accountants, transfer agents, marketing
and Public Relation experts.
CARRIAGE HOUSE CAPITAL is one of the very few consulting
firms that does not charge exorbitant up-front fees,and in most cases we don’t
charge any up-front fees. Whether its structuring your company, going public,
mergers or acquisitions, we can assist you.

All information will be kept strictly confidential until you

decide you want direct contact with the companies.
We do not share or pass on your information.

Public Cannabis company looking for acquisitions

Fully reporting public company looking for acquisitions in the Cannabis space.
Not interested in grows or dispensaries.

Public company looking for acquisitions in the Cyber-Security space…

Public company looking for acquisitions in the
Cyber Security/EMP space. Must have a good
Management team.

Investment Banking Firm…

Looking for companies that need funding or
want to go public. Equity funding available.

Public Cannabis Company…

In the media space
looking for equity funding and management.

Private pet products company…

looking for funding. Currentsales over $1 mil and
growing rapidly. Needs funding for marketing.