About Carriage House Capital

Howard R. Baer-Founder/ President: Has over 60 years’ experience in every phase of corporate and public companies. At the age of 16 he worked in back offices of NYSE member firms and in mutual funds. He was trained on the trading desk of a worldwide NYSE member firm, maintaining stock positions and the members trading accounts. He brought his first company public via an IPO in 1965 and has been involved in approximately 60 IPO’s and reverse mergers since. Several of his public offerings reached market caps in excess of $1 billion. His expertise is in reverse mergers and corporate structure. He has been founder, Chairman, Advisory Board Member and Director of many private and public companies.

Mr. Baer and his associates have numerous contacts with many Wall Street trading houses, corporate and SEC attorneys, auditors, web designers, and virtually every phase that a startup or existing company needs including many debt and equity funding sources.

NOTE: Mr. Baer was investigated by the SEC on two occasions over his 60 years in the industry. In his last SEC investigation, 18 years ago in 2003,  although no charges were brought, he reluctantly agreed to sign a consent barring him from being an officer or running a Public Company. However, thanks to this process, Mr. Baer has acquired vast experience and knowledge in SEC regulations.  This knowledge has proven to be a tremendous asset in assisting public companies grow and expand, while helping to keep them in good standings with their filings and other regulatory requirements.